How to grow sales on Amazon by 480%

Padraig Henry, Commercial Director


Amazon net sales outside the US in their Quarter 1 (31 March 2021) are up 60% to $30bn1. Brands must stop growing across Amazon by osmosis and must instead apply an Amazon strategy in their business.

An Amazon strategy can be the development of an in-house specialist team, IT systems and fulfilment capability or you can use a one-stop-shop fulfilment partner to supply Amazon. Either way, investment in a specialist capability can guarantees 100% stock availability and 100% order capture on Amazon. 100% stock availability, combined with a good Amazon marketing strategy is the single most reliable way to dominate that elusive “Buy Button”.

In this post we will explain what a fulfilment partner does, why it is so successful and how to select one.

What is an Amazon fulfilment partner, and Why Does it Matter?

Amazon fulfilment partners are companies that, working for you, specialize in supplying products to Amazon. They are suppliers to Amazon of many brands. These specialist companies purchase your products, store them in their warehouses, and supply them when required. This is important because there are two primary ways to sell on Amazon.  One, where we focus, is to supply to Amazon who then retails your products. Brands opting for this model interact through the “Vendor Central” process – Amazon is the seller-of-record and your products are FBA.  This is an invitation-only way to sell into Amazon and a good fulfilment partner will be Vendor Central enabled. The second way is to sell your products on Amazon’s platform – interacting through their Seller Central process – you are the seller-of-record.  Consumers will buy from brands sell on Amazon and do all the time, but they prefer to buy from Amazon. A good specialist fulfilment partner will interact with Amazon through its Vendor Central process and Amazon will be the retailer to the consumer.

An even stronger Amazon fulfilment partner will be integrated with Amazon’s IT systems through automated system-to-system messaging, capturing every order for stock from Amazon instantly and moving stock to Amazon’s fulfilment centers promptly.

An outstanding Amazon fulfilment partner will also be integrated to Amazon’s Direct Fulfilment process allowing Amazon to accept consumer orders for your products even when Amazon itself is out-of-stock. The partner will fulfil for Amazon to its customer direct from the partners own warehouse when needed.  The magic formula is:

Local warehouses + 100% stock available + Automated IT systems + Amazon Listing Optimization + Direct Fulfilment Support = €😊€

How to deliver your business case

Follow this process for immediate results.


Being successful on Amazon is challenging but made easy by talking to the experts. Talk to people who have done this successfully for others with huge success. To take the first step just complete our engagement form here. Grow your Amazon sales by 480%. Our consumer electronics customer grew 480% in one year following the appointment of Exertis as their Amazon fulfilment partner.


Grow your Amazon sales by 480%. One consumer electronics brand grew 480% in one year following the appointment of Exertis as their Amazon fulfilment partner.  Their Global Head of Sales offers the following summary:

We worked with Exertis to re-imagine our Amazon Europe business and are extremely happy with the results.  The set-up, the team and the outcome have all exceeded our expectations.  Exertis has been a tremendous one-stop shop for us to re-imagine our Amazon business”.


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