Sourcing & Product Development specialist

Title: Sourcing & Product Development specialist

Department: Sourcing & Fulfillment Team

Reporting to: Sourcing manager

Location:  Luohu ,China

Position Summary

To support key customer sourcing and RFQ, product development, cost management.  We plan to hire a Sourcing & Product Development specialist who has a keen understanding of supply chain knowledge.

The role will suit individuals who display high energy, are flexible, enthusiastic, confident and thrive on working on their own initiative.

Key Responsibilities
  • New product sourcing and provide qualified RFQ to customers
  • Responsible for Product development and sample approval
  • Manage Product specification with outputs.
  • Manage Product user manual with outputs.
  • Lead weekly meetings with customers to review Products development tasks.
  • Independently to solve urgent or complex cases.
  • Continuing improvement of terms and conditions.
  • Drive costs down & supply chain efficiency.
  • Evaluate existing processes and provide input to any proposed changes and /or new processes.
  • Meet Customer expectations and compliance with Weekly Metrics
  • Strong sourcing and RFQ experience and skills.
  • At least have one of CE/IT/SDA category product with good understanding and experience
  • Good strategic and analytical skills required.
  • Be proactive and results driven
  • Ability to work on own initiative and make some commercial decisions.
  • Team player with the ability to work well in a pressurised environment to demanding objectives.
  • Senior negotiating skills are required with both customers and suppliers to ensure maximum benefit for Exertis SCS.
  • Excellent English and communication skills
  • Excellent Excel skills
  • Flexibility in working hours/days will also be required.
Education and Experience
  • Demonstrable experience of customer interaction
  • Bachelor’s degree or above
  • +5 years’ experience in a similar role preferably in a multinational environment
  • Previous experience of interacting with multiple levels within an organisation
  • Demonstrated ability to work in cross functional teams
  • Preferred experience on retailer brands management, sourcing and supply chain management

To apply for this job position, please send your application to


支持主要客户的采购和询价、产品开发、成本管理。 我们计划招聘一名对供应链知识有深刻理解的采购与产品开发专家。




– 采购新产品并向客户提供合格的 RFQ

– 负责产品开发和样品审批

– 管理产品规格及产出

– 管理产品用户手册及输出。

– 领导每周与客户召开的会议,审查产品开发任务。

– 独立解决紧急或复杂的问题。

– 不断改进条款和条件。

– 降低成本,提高供应链效率。

– 评估现有流程,为任何拟议的变更和/或新流程提供意见。

– 满足客户期望并遵守每周指标



– 丰富的采购和询价经验与技能

– 至少对 CE/IT/SDA 类产品之一有很好的了解和经验

– 要求具备良好的战略和分析技能

– 积极主动,以结果为导向

– 能够主动工作并做出一些商业决策

– 具有团队合作精神,能够在压力环境下很好地工作,以实现苛刻的目标

– 需要具备与客户和供应商进行谈判的高级技巧,以确保Exertis SCS利益最大化

– 优秀的英语和沟通能力

– 优秀的Excel技能

– 要求工作时间/日期能灵活



– 丰富的客户互动经验

– 学士学位或以上

– 5 年以上类似工作经验,跨国公司环境工作经验优先考虑

– 具有与组织内多层次人员互动的经验

– 具备在跨职能团队中工作的能力

– 有零售商品牌管理、采购和供应链管理经验者优先考虑



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