Materials Management

Materials Planning

Ensuring you have the optimal level and mix of inventory to meet customer demand.

Exertis Supply Chain Services provides the expert intelligence you need to ensure that you order the right level and specification of raw materials and finished goods to the right locations. This can dramatically reduce your overall inventory pipeline, the associated maintenance costs, the risk of inventory excess and obsolescence (E&O), and stock out.


We manage forecasting direction on SAP, signalling requirements through to MRP (Materials Resource Planning) and managing outputs based on order add cancellations and reschedules. We produce highly intelligent, customised reports that provide you with critical data such as ‘Clear to Build’ and ‘What-if’ analysis, enabling you to make highly accurate material planning decisions that ensure you meet customer demands while maximising the use of your resources.

Through our global network of wholly owned and third party warehousing facilities, we can store and manage raw materials and spare parts close to your factory or office locations, ensuring you have short lead time access to inventory on demand.

By improving your materials planning processes, you can improve both your operational performance and financial cash flow through inventory reduction, and customer service through increased responsiveness.


Real Time Demand Monitoring

Through real time usage versus forecast monitoring, our solution enables you to monitor usage against forecast and make key production planning decisions, quickly and accurately. This will also enable you to measure the effectiveness of our planning processes.

Materials Management Expertise

We can expertly manage your inventory DSI levels (day’s sales inventory) to ensure you maintain a minimum stock level with greatly reduced possibilities for gap out in supply. Typical DSI levels would be in the order of 10 to 15 days to manage fluctuations in demand, but can be dynamically adjusted based on your business profile.

Judged Demand Capacity

We can successfully execute judged demand for any business segment through our forecast management techniques, ensuring correct positioning of inventory at your desired locations. This reduces your freight expedite costs, product line shortages and the indirect costs associated with material unavailability.

Agility and Responsiveness

Our global footprint and logistics networks enable us to quickly deploy cost efficient warehousing facilities to manage your materials inventory requirements.