Exertis SCS Procurement Articles Published in Leading Med Tech Magazines

Exertis SCS staff members, Dan O’Mahony (Lifesciences Manager) and Eamonn Butler (Procurement Manager) have recently written articles on the topic of medical device procurement and materials management outsourcing which have featured in leading med tech trade publications.

The articles address the key materials procurement and inventory management challenges in the med tech industry and outline the significant benefits that companies can gain by strategically outsourcing elements of their supply chain. In particular, the publications demonstrate

  • Why more med tech companies are outsourcing elements of their supply chain
  • The opportunities for med tech businesses to release cash tied up in inventory
  • The specific areas of med tech procurement and materials management that benefit from outsourcing

Articles from Dan and Eamonn have so far been published by Medical Product Outsourcing, the Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry (MDDI) and Today’s Medical Developments Magazines. Click on the logos below to view online editions of each article:




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