Exertis SCS Sponsors The Times Supply Chain Strategies Report 2017

We are delighted to sponsor the 2017 Supply Chain Strategies Report which featured as a supplement within The Times Newspaper today, Thursday 23rd February. Exertis Supply Chain Services is featured on page four of the report.

About the 2017 Supply Chain Strategies Report

The election in the United States of Donald Trump, the vote for Brexit in the UK and the surge in support for economic nationalism across Europe are all major challenges to the future of global trade. The Supply Chain Strategies special report, published in The Times, covers the impact of this threatened protectionism on international trade, as well as ethical issues in the fashion industry and how to ensure sustainability in supply chains. In addition, it features ten supply chain disasters with lessons to be learnt and includes a pull-out infographic charting world trade routes.


Topics covered in the special report include:

  • Ensuring your supply chain is sustainable and ethical
  • The impact of protectionism on international trade
  • The challenges of supplying personalised medications
  • Ethical issues remain in the fashion industry
  • 10 supply chain disasters
  • Global water crisis threatens to dry up business
  • ‘Too many businesses do not consider the supply chain as they develop their business strategy

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