New Sub-Assembly Facility opens for GoPro in China

In March 2016, Exertis Supply Chain Services opened a new state of the art sub-assembly facility in Futian, China to facilitate and manage the low cost procurement, assembly and shipping of GoPro Kits from the Chinese free trade zone to the US market.

Through this quality assured, one-stop-responsibility-shop for assembly operations, the dedicated Exertis team procures high spec component parts from approved vendors on behalf of GoPro, completes full Kits and packing on site, and manages the shipping of Kits to GoPro and its partner locations in the US.

Commenting on the new operation, Neal Johnston, Exertis Supply Chain Services Managing Director, said: “We are delighted to work with GoPro in helping to deliver significant innovation and operational process improvements. By managing 13 China based suppliers and procuring 140 separate component parts from our operations in Futian, we can fully assemble, pack and ship GoPro Kits to the US in rapid time.”

The full Kit operation was implemented within 10 weeks with the facility opening in May 2016. The plant assembled and shipped 52,000 Kits to the USA in its first month of operation and is forecast to ship several thousands of units by September.

The sub-assembly facility has assisted GoPro’s supply chain by consolidating the number of vendors into a single master supplier, Exertis Supply Chain Services. Capital is optimised through a just-in-time order and delivery system.

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